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learning about a metal kid's perspective of emo

GreatFellWarrior: I just realized I am more of an emo kid than actual emo kids
GreatFellWarrior: lol
GreatFellWarrior: because they are just being emo for no reason
musicbrat718: hah!
musicbrat718: i knew it!
GreatFellWarrior: their life's are probably not as bad as mine
musicbrat718: you're probably right
GreatFellWarrior: but they complain more
GreatFellWarrior: I don't act like an emo kid
GreatFellWarrior: I hate all emo crap
GreatFellWarrior: and I hate emo music
GreatFellWarrior: But I am depressed
GreatFellWarrior: but for a good reason
GreatFellWarrior: and there is only one thing taht I ever complain about
GreatFellWarrior: I mean.
GreatFellWarrior: mu family sucks
GreatFellWarrior: but I deal with it
GreatFellWarrior: I don't cry and make a song about it
GreatFellWarrior: I suck at school
GreatFellWarrior: but I never complain
GreatFellWarrior: Emo kids are always complaining about breakups
GreatFellWarrior: but it is usually theuir fault
musicbrat718: lol
GreatFellWarrior: they usually do some stupid shit that pisses off whoeve they are with
GreatFellWarrior: I treated my ex like a queen
GreatFellWarrior: so i have reason to complain
GreatFellWarrior: argh
GreatFellWarrior: Real emo kids piss me off
musicbrat718: true true
GreatFellWarrior: You don't seem like an emo kid to me so you are safe
musicbrat718: woohoo =)
GreatFellWarrior: to me it seems like you get classified as an emo kid because emo kids are the only people you have to hang out with
GreatFellWarrior: lol
musicbrat718: lol
musicbrat718: that's it exactly
GreatFellWarrior: I knew it.
GreatFellWarrior: cuz some metal you said sounds cool and you liked it
GreatFellWarrior: Emo kids are all liek
GreatFellWarrior: that music sucks
musicbrat718: ah.. no, that's the indie kids
GreatFellWarrior: and then I give them a nice"hows your father" to the chin for saying that their music, which does not actually qualify as music, is better than metal.
GreatFellWarrior: I made myself real mad
GreatFellWarrior: lol

i FINALLY found something to post about! god.. it took for freaking ever..
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