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TampaAngel18 (2:28:05 AM): you know whats bad.......women online pay more tention and say i look good more than my own husband
agent j3di (2:28:31 AM): damn horny lesbians
agent j3di (2:28:39 AM): and that is bad
agent j3di (2:28:43 AM): you should marry one of them
agent j3di (2:28:55 AM): if you dont feel appreciated, tell him
agent j3di (2:29:18 AM): course you might be flashing them and using toys and masturbating on cam
agent j3di (2:29:27 AM): if you did that to him, it might help ;-)
TampaAngel18 (2:29:56 AM): lol wish i could atleast find a good looking one in tampa to play with
TampaAngel18 (2:29:56 AM): i do all the time
agent j3di (2:30:24 AM): i wish i was a woman :p
TampaAngel18 (2:30:42 AM): lol i do not i just sit here
agent j3di (2:30:56 AM): ok a woman without a husband and children and stuff
agent j3di (2:30:59 AM): id be a stripper
TampaAngel18 (2:31:05 AM): me too lol j/k
agent j3di (2:31:08 AM): ad make ass loads of money
agent j3di (2:31:14 AM): and start my lesbian harem
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