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well, Im new here, so heres an awesome conversation

fattymagee290lb: pootie
RadioheadKixArse: fritters
fattymagee290lb: apple
RadioheadKixArse: conch
fattymagee290lb: piggy
RadioheadKixArse: ihop
fattymagee290lb: crepes
RadioheadKixArse: cubby
fattymagee290lb: weed
RadioheadKixArse: bryan
fattymagee290lb: weed
RadioheadKixArse: hahaha, chingy
fattymagee290lb: fity
RadioheadKixArse: hippity hop van
fattymagee290lb: blaire
RadioheadKixArse: fat black girls
fattymagee290lb: alex
RadioheadKixArse: some fat guy
fattymagee290lb: cubby
RadioheadKixArse: sniffle
fattymagee290lb: cut
RadioheadKixArse: belt
fattymagee290lb: pants
RadioheadKixArse: seatbelt
fattymagee290lb: play
RadioheadKixArse: whiting
fattymagee290lb: psycho
fattymagee290lb: gay
RadioheadKixArse: fur coat
fattymagee290lb: austin
RadioheadKixArse: boticelli
fattymagee290lb: penis
RadioheadKixArse: leg
fattymagee290lb: hair
RadioheadKixArse: dong
fattymagee290lb: smelly
RadioheadKixArse: immature
RadioheadKixArse: pube
RadioheadKixArse: s
fattymagee290lb: slug
RadioheadKixArse: shag
fattymagee290lb: waggon
RadioheadKixArse: mickelson
fattymagee290lb: peterson
RadioheadKixArse: curly
fattymagee290lb: tim
RadioheadKixArse: asian
fattymagee290lb: wrong
RadioheadKixArse: wonger
fattymagee290lb: kodama
RadioheadKixArse: salt mines
fattymagee290lb: sarh
fattymagee290lb: *sarah
RadioheadKixArse: tweaker
fattymagee290lb: david
RadioheadKixArse: fuckin
fattymagee290lb: steve
RadioheadKixArse: lip
fattymagee290lb: ring!!!!
RadioheadKixArse: hole
fattymagee290lb: golf
RadioheadKixArse: 18 do numbers count?
fattymagee290lb: sure
RadioheadKixArse: no
fattymagee290lb: wench
RadioheadKixArse: kick
fattymagee290lb: balls
RadioheadKixArse: trippin
fattymagee290lb: nuts
RadioheadKixArse: bryan
fattymagee290lb: 50 cent
RadioheadKixArse: brush
fattymagee290lb: shave
RadioheadKixArse: shoulders
fattymagee290lb: coach
RadioheadKixArse: carter
fattymagee290lb: babies
RadioheadKixArse: ugly
fattymagee290lb: fat
RadioheadKixArse: jellyroll
fattymagee290lb: package
RadioheadKixArse: sweet
fattymagee290lb: hawt
RadioheadKixArse: wine
fattymagee290lb: women
RadioheadKixArse: kevin
fattymagee290lb: mars volta
RadioheadKixArse: at the drive in
fattymagee290lb: sparta
RadioheadKixArse: ribbon
fattymagee290lb: pants
RadioheadKixArse: presents
fattymagee290lb: peanut!
RadioheadKixArse: SUSHI
fattymagee290lb: matthew
RadioheadKixArse: wrastling
fattymagee290lb: ryan
RadioheadKixArse: alki
fattymagee290lb: smf
RadioheadKixArse: bon fires
fattymagee290lb: jesus
RadioheadKixArse: hates you
fattymagee290lb: nick
RadioheadKixArse: door
fattymagee290lb: jim
RadioheadKixArse: beam
fattymagee290lb: road
RadioheadKixArse: traffic
fattymagee290lb: weiner
RadioheadKixArse: tim
fattymagee290lb: gunn
RadioheadKixArse: heidi
RadioheadKixArse: im goin' git you, tim gunn
RadioheadKixArse: sorry go on
fattymagee290lb: hahah
fattymagee290lb: weinershnitzel
fattymagee290lb: (that was hard to type)
RadioheadKixArse: glargg
fattymagee290lb: jay
RadioheadKixArse: gross
fattymagee290lb: hairy
RadioheadKixArse: wig
RadioheadKixArse: seahorse
fattymagee290lb: dick
RadioheadKixArse: fish
RadioheadKixArse: im
fattymagee290lb: ogjhg;l'df
RadioheadKixArse: not
fattymagee290lb: \]
RadioheadKixArse: tired
RadioheadKixArse: at
RadioheadKixArse: all
RadioheadKixArse: lets paste
RadioheadKixArse: this
RadioheadKixArse: into
RadioheadKixArse: our
RadioheadKixArse: live
RadioheadKixArse: hournal
RadioheadKixArse: *j
RadioheadKixArse: hornal
fattymagee290lb: mkkay
RadioheadKixArse: we are human
RadioheadKixArse: after all
fattymagee290lb: oksy jewlchizzle
RadioheadKixArse: wait
RadioheadKixArse: lets get something funny
RadioheadKixArse: going
RadioheadKixArse: a
RadioheadKixArse: conversation
RadioheadKixArse: that peoplewill read
RadioheadKixArse: an laugh at
RadioheadKixArse: it took me 7 times to type that
RadioheadKixArse: i kept putting leight
fattymagee290lb: what?
RadioheadKixArse: gibbbity globber
RadioheadKixArse: whatever
RadioheadKixArse: i cant explain
RadioheadKixArse: esplain, im spain ish
fattymagee290lb: ahhaha, fuck you
fattymagee290lb: i hate when fucking people are like, "giajkhakjfhak shoes ajkhdafkjha size akhfakf" *in thick accent
RadioheadKixArse: HAHAHA
RadioheadKixArse: in a 6 please
fattymagee290lb: and then they get pissed at me for not understanding
RadioheadKixArse: I NEED THIS SHOE
RadioheadKixArse: SIC
RadioheadKixArse: PELASE
RadioheadKixArse: 5
RadioheadKixArse: YOU FAT BEETCH
fattymagee290lb: FLASHBACKS
RadioheadKixArse: OWCH MY BACK HRUTS
fattymagee290lb: did you hurt it doin them power cleans?
fattymagee290lb: i'm tired
fattymagee290lb: i'm gonna flop across the floor and down the stairs
fattymagee290lb: like a worm
fattymagee290lb: because my legs are stupid
RadioheadKixArse: HAHAH
RadioheadKixArse: THAT THEY ARE
RadioheadKixArse: MATEY
RadioheadKixArse: im sooo
RadioheadKixArse: not even close
RadioheadKixArse: to being tire
fattymagee290lb: matey?
RadioheadKixArse: d
fattymagee290lb: write me a story
RadioheadKixArse: um
RadioheadKixArse: once
RadioheadKixArse: there was a fish
fattymagee290lb: not now
RadioheadKixArse: a floppy fish
fattymagee290lb: you moron
RadioheadKixArse: who ate cheese
RadioheadKixArse: and cracker
fattymagee290lb: hahahahahah
RadioheadKixArse: s
fattymagee290lb: okay
RadioheadKixArse: with a creamy hollandaise sauce
fattymagee290lb: save this, its pure gold
RadioheadKixArse: will do
fattymagee290lb: i'm going to sleep
RadioheadKixArse: its allgoing into
RadioheadKixArse: my livejournal nappy sack ddreams
fattymagee290lb: i can hear your joyous laughter
RadioheadKixArse: parsely
RadioheadKixArse: sage
fattymagee290lb: see?
RadioheadKixArse: rosemary and thyme
RadioheadKixArse: see what?
RadioheadKixArse: the fish?
fattymagee290lb: fuck you
RadioheadKixArse: oh yeah
RadioheadKixArse: I can see it
RadioheadKixArse: and its creamy hollandaise sauce
fattymagee290lb: what color is it?
fattymagee290lb: the fish i mean
RadioheadKixArse: ....cream. collored
RadioheadKixArse: oh
RadioheadKixArse: um
fattymagee290lb: not the sauce
RadioheadKixArse: jelly berry black
fattymagee290lb: okay
RadioheadKixArse: JELLUY
RadioheadKixArse: JELLY
RadioheadKixArse: U FAT BITCH
RadioheadKixArse: wow
RadioheadKixArse: TYPE FASTER
fattymagee290lb: goodnight goodnight you're embarassing me, you're embarassing yourself
fattymagee290lb: you fat slug
fattymagee290lb: have fun w/ your cereal
RadioheadKixArse: will do
RadioheadKixArse: GOODNIGHT
RadioheadKixArse: GOODNIGHT
RadioheadKixArse: FLOPY
RadioheadKixArse: ACROSS
RadioheadKixArse: THE FLOOR
fattymagee290lb signed off at 10:41:39 PM.
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