Julia Gulia (radiohead_god) wrote in babysonspikes,
Julia Gulia

A Magical Moulin Rouge Moment

slurrppydurrppy: don't leave me
slurrppydurrppy: whore
RadioheadKixArse: this way
RadioheadKixArse: you think that people
slurrppydurrppy: ahahaha i get it now
RadioheadKixArse: hahaha
slurrppydurrppy: would of had enough of silly love songs
RadioheadKixArse: I look around and I see
RadioheadKixArse: it isnt so
RadioheadKixArse: haha
RadioheadKixArse: no
slurrppydurrppy: some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs
RadioheadKixArse: well whats wrong with that?
RadioheadKixArse: Id like to know
RadioheadKixArse: cuz here I go
RadioheadKixArse: yeeeees
RadioheadKixArse: lvoe lifts us up where we belong
RadioheadKixArse: *love
RadioheadKixArse: where eagles fly on a mountain gigh
RadioheadKixArse: *high
slurrppydurrppy: love makes us act like we are fools
slurrppydurrppy: thrwo our lives away for one happy day
RadioheadKixArse: we could be heeeeroes
RadioheadKixArse: just for one day
slurrppydurrppy: you, you will be mean
RadioheadKixArse: no i wont
slurrppydurrppy: and i...i'd drink all the time
RadioheadKixArse: we should be lovers!
slurrppydurrppy: we can't do that
RadioheadKixArse: we should be LOOOOOOOVERS and thats a fact
slurrppydurrppy: though nothing would keep us together
RadioheadKixArse: we could steal time just for one day
RadioheadKixArse: we could be heroes
slurrppydurrppy: we could be heros forever and ever
RadioheadKixArse: we could be heeeeroooooooes
RadioheadKixArse: just because IIIIIIIII will always looooove youuu
slurrppydurrppy: iiiiiiiii can't help loving
RadioheadKixArse: youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
slurrppydurrppy: how wonderful life is now you're in the world
RadioheadKixArse: *moon sings*
slurrppydurrppy: annnnnd end scene
RadioheadKixArse: beautiful
slurrppydurrppy: indeed
RadioheadKixArse: that was a magical moment
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