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babysonspikes's Journal

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welcome to the community that means absolutly nuthin. just another community to bullshit in.

this community is run entirly by daterapestylee

and the lay out was done by kristen peladophobiac

first and foremost, this community has nuthin to do with the killing of babies. so dont be all bitchy and shit if you happen to run across this.

this doesnt really have to many rules. as a matter fact, it doesnt really have ne. say whatever the fuck you want to say, post whatever the fuck you want to post.

anyone can join, anyone .

i dont care who you are, what your scene is, what you listen to. i dont care if youre straight edge, drug free or neither. i dont care if youre hardcore, punk rawk, pop rawk, country, or even dance pop. this community is unbiased in every way.

this cimmunity is mainly concerned in posting conversations youve head with your friends and what not. like if something funny or stupid was said, and you want to share it, then stick that bitch on here.

being creative, and posting interesting stuff will make you 10x's cooler.

please keep this journal alive and bad ass.

and if youre new, you must post.

so yes, i believe this is it.
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