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i LOVE this community, more posting please!

kanmitsunami (1:54:26 AM): muzak is the suck for mental functioning
agent j3di (1:55:04 AM): then what is causing the intense burning in my loins
kanmitsunami (1:55:20 AM): nothing that lotrimin can't cure?
agent j3di (1:56:20 AM): hahahaha
agent j3di (1:56:33 AM): its those new heat condoms
agent j3di (1:56:40 AM): not that IVE had SEX recently
agent j3di (1:56:46 AM): at least, not with humans
kanmitsunami (1:56:53 AM): don't bump n grind with the iron anymore?
agent j3di (1:57:06 AM): the IRON?!
kanmitsunami (1:57:29 AM): iron your pants BEFORE you wear them
agent j3di (1:58:12 AM): hahaha i thought you meant i was humping the iron
kanmitsunami (1:58:34 AM): hey, i won't force you to admit to it
agent j3di (1:58:52 AM): mmm steam
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