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god says

agent j3di (1:07:55 AM): but at least kerry is in favor of things bush isnt
agent j3di (1:08:00 AM): so thats a plus
agent j3di (1:08:02 AM): lol
agent j3di (1:08:18 AM): im sick of the 'god' president
agent j3di (1:08:27 AM): everything is bad because god says
agent j3di (1:08:31 AM): god god god
agent j3di (1:08:39 AM): i think god would bitchslap him
agent j3di (1:08:43 AM): :-)
kanmitsunami (1:08:58 AM): haha
kanmitsunami (1:09:00 AM): totally
agent j3di (1:09:26 AM): i believe it
agent j3di (1:09:57 AM): if gods real hed be like hey shaddup, get your own damn platform, im busy running creation here.. dont involve me in this you tool
agent j3di (1:10:47 AM): and , gee gw, i dont remember sending that memo of what i want, did i call you? appear to you in a burning bush? no?! well then shut the hell up before you BECOME a burning bush!
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